咨询OSCPA的 虚拟行为准则 关于虚拟活动中的行为问题.


If you are not completely satisfied with any Society course you take, you may attend a course of comparable cost at no charge, or get a full refund by contacting our learning team at (电子邮件保护) or 614.764.2727. (Please note that refunded registrations will not receive CPE credit.)


You will receive an event confirmation delivered to your primary email address listed on your profile once the registration and payment transaction has been completed. You will also have a record of the confirmation in your sbf111胜博发消息中心.


For each 50 minutes of continuous instruction, the 俄亥俄州会计委员会 awards one CPE credit. Beyond the first credit, each 10-minute period equals 0.2个学分,每节25分钟等于0.5个学分.

照片 & 视频的政策

Registration and attendance at OSCPA events constitutes an agreement by the registrant to allow OSCPA to use any photos or video taken during the event on the Society’s website, social media and in future print and online materials for sbf111胜博发



If we cancel a program, your registration fees are fully refundable.


Customers can cancel registration from a course with the specific guidelines and fees. Refunds will be issued to the person who is registered for the program and can be processed by contacting OSCPA's Member Service Center at 614.764.2727 or (电子邮件保护).

现场活动(网上) & 人)




Registration fee minus a 25% cancellation fee* is refundable.




Registration fee* is forfeited for day of event cancellations or no-shows.

* Fees cover speaker expenses and other guarantees.


Cancellations made after the program has been accessed will forfeit the entire registration fee and materials. If you experience technical difficulty and are unable to view a program, you must contact OSCPA within 72 business hours upon the first access attempt, 收到退款.


You may substitute another individual if you are unable to attend a program. If you are registered for a multiple-day event, substitutions are allowed for the entire event only. 请致电614通知OSCPAsbf111胜博发网站服务中心.764.2727 of registration substitutions prior to the event. (Please note: Non-members substituting for OSCPA members will be subject to a non-member fee adjustment.) 


While we realize you cannot always plan in advance, we may not always be able to accept walk-in registrations at our events. The onsite program administrator will be able to provide you with the latest registration information. Full payment for any OSCPA event is due at the time of registration.

卖完了 & 候补名单

We make every attempt to estimate the number of attendees, however you may experience a “sold-out” situation due to space availability.

Some OSCPA programs allow for Waitlist registrations.  Registration fees apply to programs in a wait-list status.  Registrants on the waitlist are automatically enrolled into the program in the order of the waitlist as cancellations occur or capacity is increased.  If we are unable to accommodate you, your registration fee is fully refundable.  OSCPA will contact you within 14 business days regarding your waitlist funds.


Should the weather warrant any concern for your travel safety and you want to verify if a particular event or meeting will be held as scheduled, 访问sbf111胜博发门户网站, my.xaviergoinsphotography.com 在主页上找公告.  When inclement weather results in the cancellation of a program, we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible via email and will include local news station information. 大家都知道, inclement weather can strike quickly and may prevent us from making contact with all participants. Please make sure your email address and phone number is updated to ensure you receive inclement weather notifications.


If you are unable to attend a program due to a death, 事故, or serious illness OSCPA may waive the no-show cancellation policy.  Your registration fee will be converted to funds on your account.  请提供书面请求至 (电子邮件保护)



Discounts or single invoice, single purchase options may be available for large registration orders.  可用性因程序而异.  请致电 (电子邮件保护) if you’d like to inquire regarding group/bulk purchasing.  


志愿者 speakers may attend other sessions complimentary on the same day they are speaking.  If they wish to attend additional days they are eligible for a discounted 1 day registration.  Speakers receiving an honorarium are not eligible for discounts.  Speakers will receive written confirmation of their instruction for use in self-reporting instructor CPE credits. Exhibitors at OSCPA events will receive a 50% discount on the program registration fee if they wish to attend sessions.


sbf111胜博发 both protects and promotes sbf111胜博发 and the CPA credential. If you are an inactive CPA and wish to reactivate your license, we are here to help you in completing the requisite 120 credits of continuing education, including a professional standards and responsibility course approved by the 俄亥俄州会计委员会 that emphasizes the Ohio Laws and Rules chapter 4701.

OSCPA offers a package of self study on-demand courses to assist you with license reactivation. Our On-Demand Access Pass gives you access to more than 100 courses vetted and approved by sbf111胜博发 for sbf111胜博发, including an 俄亥俄州会计委员会 approved on-demand professional standards and responsibilities course. 点击这里 了解更多.

If you prefer live courses, please check out our comprehensive catalog of offerings at xaviergoinsphotography.com/myoscpa.

请致电 (电子邮件保护) for special packages available for inactive renewals. 

Disclaimer: OSCPA may not provide discounts for any partnered programs.  Examples include Youngstown State partnered programs, etc.

CPE学分 & 规定

The Ohio Society is a registered CPE Sponsor with the 俄亥俄州会计委员会, 注册号CPE.1 PSR.

俄亥俄州会计委员会建立了 继续教育规章制度 sbf111胜博发所遵守的.

If an Ohio CPA is selected for CPE verification The 俄亥俄州会计委员会 accepts OSCPA sponsored programs summary transcript of credit earned in lieu of individual program documentation.

进行小组学习, for each 50 minutes of continuous instruction the 俄亥俄州会计委员会 awards one CPE credit. Beyond the first credit, each 10-minute period equals 0.2个学分,每节25分钟等于0.5个学分.

For self-study, CPE credit may be earned at a minimum of ten minute increments.

Credits may take up to 24 business hours to appear on your OSCPA transcript.

Program participants who arrive late or leave early to an OSCPA program must check in with OSCPA staff so CPE credits can be adjusted.

OSCPA utilizes bar code scanning technology to process CPE credits for conference session attendance.  A CPA should not ask another CPA to place their barcode into the attendance verification bin. 

sbf111胜博发 are responsible for compliance with all applicable CPE requirements, 规则, and regulations of state licensing bodies and are responsible for accurate reporting of the number of CPE credits earned.  Any suspected willful violations may be reported to the OSCPA Professional 道德 Committee.   


Individuals who are not registered for online programs will not be able to claim CPE credit for group viewing granted CPE credit, 他们也不能自我报告CPE学分.  然而, group viewing of online programs is available for groups of four or more if coordinated with OSCPA prior to the program. 请联系 (电子邮件保护) at least 5 business days prior to the online program.


sbf111胜博发 is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming
environment for all meeting participants and OSCPA staff. 与会者、演讲者、志愿者、
exhibitors, OSCPA staff, service providers, and all others must abide by this Virtual Programs
行为准则. This policy applies to all OSCPA events, including those sponsored by other
organizations but held in conjunction with OSCPA events on public or private platforms.
OSCPA has zero-tolerance for discrimination, intimidation or harassment by participants or
我们的工作人员在我们的活动. If you experience or hear of unacceptable behavior, please inform
蒂芙尼·克罗斯比,OSCPA首席学习官 (电子邮件保护) or 614-764-2727


• Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form

    o与性别有关的口头评论, 性取向, 残疾, 外表, 体型, 比赛, 宗教, 国家的起源
    o Inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or presentations

• Disruption during sessions, in the exhibit hall, or at other events organized by OSCPA

• Presentations, postings, and messages should not contain promotions, job offers, or
service solicitations unless previously agreed to by OSCPA. OSCPA保留权利
remove such messages and potentially ban the source.

• Participants may not copy or take screenshots of Q&虚拟空间中的一种聊天活动.

If unacceptable behavior occurs, OSCPA保留权利 take any action deemed
必要和适当. This includes immediate removal from the meeting without
warning or refund and prohibiting attendance at any future meeting, virtually or in person.


根据《sbf111胜博发》第7条H节 俄亥俄州社团章程, a member shall comply with the 规则 of professional ethics of the Society, 哪一个由 Code of Professional Conduct of the American Institute of sbf111胜博发 (AICPA), 包括其中所载的解释, as issued by and as may be hereafter amended from time to time, except that in case of any conflict between the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and the OSCPA 规章制度, 以本会章程为准.

进一步, in the event of any conflict between the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and any applicable Ohio law or any applicable 规则 or regulations of the 俄亥俄州会计委员会, 然后是州和地方的法律, 规则, 或者由法规来管理.


The basic continuing professional education (CPE) requirement to obtain or renew the Ohio permit is 120 credits over a three-year period. For specific educational requirements, refer to the 俄亥俄州会计委员会的网站.

New sbf111胜博发 holding the Ohio permit are required to report 40 credits over a two-year period. A new CPA licensed in 2017, for example, will have a continuing education reporting period of Jan. 2017年1月1日至12月1日. 2018年1月31日,要求40学分.

All sbf111胜博发 holding the Ohio permit must take three credits in professional standards and responsibilities ("PSR") each reporting period. All OSCPA professional standards and responsibilities offerings fulfill the three credit Accountancy Board requirement.

从2016年报告年度开始, all licensed sbf111胜博发 must have a minimum of 20 CPE credits every year.

请参阅有关的额外学分 黄皮书要求.